Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What type of tweeps out there? (twitter related)

First of all,

1.One Speaks mind out, mysterious way. for example..
That was stupid! you should of not done this!
I thank you, that was sweet of you

A person who only says what's on the mind with no contents of what they are referring

2. Drama freak on twitter. For example..
Oh, I seen you! you are at my house!
No, oh no! damn you! why you stalking me!

I'm in the hospital.... cancer... I hate the doctor (two days later)
I'm ok now... I'm ok...

They use twitter as way to act the drama, as result of people believing what they say, because they tweeted it.

3. Retweeting what people say to them, for example...
RT @(insert random nickname) Oh, your amazing!
RT @ (...) Oh i love your tweets!

They RT what stuff people say to them, everything positive, to show it to others.

4. The one cursing and insulting tweets, for example...
I WILL KNOCK YOU TO NEXT WEEK! (yelling on twitter on someone did something)

These people, can't do anything, pretty shy in real life, so they get aggressive online, very harmless.

5. a showing off, fake, tweep.
Today, I'm at paris ^^
Look at my brand new car, lovin' it
I'm not sure to buy shayliovolaaaj or shabalolokabaab brand dress ;'(

6. stalkers
guys girls, everyone is an stalker :D
girls stalk guys, guys stalk girls :p

You'll find someone go ahead and then tweet.. example
Oh, I happen to be at the same restaurant, where are you!? I haven't seen you!

There are many types as well.
Someone only tweeting quotes
Someone only tweeting poetry
someone only tweeting news
someone only tweeting wisdom words
someone only tweeting copy others and and then tweet them.