Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Scam above Scam

I went for an interview for a job, first they said test, and some dude helped me get in, i go check the place every single one has wasta, you can tell from hand shaking employees and stuff, go aside phone call, and answering phone, i went on the test, it was pretty easy test, the dude incharge was making everyone cheat, my brother didn't pass, cause the questions weren't in his area, but for me it's easy, however i notice special treatment, those who passed get to another room, those who didn't leave, so, i went to another room, keep in mind, it was 6 month since i gave that person my C.V.

i sit, and hear the ones are hired, i didn't say this but i was oldest one, and secondly my brother, others were too young, so i sit and the guys who passed had no real education, just high school, and one of them hasn't even finish 12th grade, and i'm the only graduate there.

The interview was done by some children younger than me, i say children, but they might be 23-25 they are not near my level of education, nor job experience as me, wait, one was a bit older, but still younger than me, anyhow, after the whole process, NOW they tell me it's another company.

Wait, WHAT?! dude I apply for THAT company, not for another, i nod and smile and left, never wanting to ever come back, I'm 5 years away from turning 40, I don't want to work for some company take my whole salary and give me 25% of it, it's slavery.

if you are working for a company through another company, and your hard work get all the money suppose to be yours, and you are giving back 25%, it is slavery.

he goes on the dude helped me apply that he is doing this thing out of gratitude, I don't know you, and you don't know me, so lets not pretend you like me, i'm pretty sure he gets bonus of special treatment over providing employees, cause honestly my friend works for the company directly, and he graduated right after me, and heck he is my age as well.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

lets see

Rick & morty
Doctor who
14th doctor will reveal

Monday, March 04, 2013

You Shall NOT pass

Friday, June 17, 2011


none arabic sings arabic?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What type of tweeps out there? (twitter related)

First of all,

1.One Speaks mind out, mysterious way. for example..
That was stupid! you should of not done this!
I thank you, that was sweet of you

A person who only says what's on the mind with no contents of what they are referring

2. Drama freak on twitter. For example..
Oh, I seen you! you are at my house!
No, oh no! damn you! why you stalking me!

I'm in the hospital.... cancer... I hate the doctor (two days later)
I'm ok now... I'm ok...

They use twitter as way to act the drama, as result of people believing what they say, because they tweeted it.

3. Retweeting what people say to them, for example...
RT @(insert random nickname) Oh, your amazing!
RT @ (...) Oh i love your tweets!

They RT what stuff people say to them, everything positive, to show it to others.

4. The one cursing and insulting tweets, for example...
I WILL KNOCK YOU TO NEXT WEEK! (yelling on twitter on someone did something)

These people, can't do anything, pretty shy in real life, so they get aggressive online, very harmless.

5. a showing off, fake, tweep.
Today, I'm at paris ^^
Look at my brand new car, lovin' it
I'm not sure to buy shayliovolaaaj or shabalolokabaab brand dress ;'(

6. stalkers
guys girls, everyone is an stalker :D
girls stalk guys, guys stalk girls :p

You'll find someone go ahead and then tweet.. example
Oh, I happen to be at the same restaurant, where are you!? I haven't seen you!

There are many types as well.
Someone only tweeting quotes
Someone only tweeting poetry
someone only tweeting news
someone only tweeting wisdom words
someone only tweeting copy others and and then tweet them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poetry: Soldiers.

Lying on the ground breathing slowly...
Vultures roaming the sky, you can hear their voices.
I can't feel my hands or legs, or able to move a muscle.
It feels someone or something pinning me on ground.
I can't open my eyes, as if someone forcing them to be shut.

We were soldiers, and we fought, each on his own.
surviving a war, that nobody foretold the casualties
fighting for something others has started.
fighting not for glory, but survival of the battle.

Each second passes, I hope I don't die.
Each second passes, I don't regret it.
Each second passes, I wish things were different.
Each second passes, I wish this war ends.

What's the point of glory, what's the point of fame.
What's the point of money, where you can't spend.
Dying slowly, because of a mistake that we made.
slowly fading, slowly the heart beats....
then.... I...I....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deadman Wonderland

This is new anime, the story goes of boy falsely accused of murdering his own classmates, while the truth, he's innocent, so he was thrown in a different type of prison, where he lives with possibility of dying any moment, and he set his goal to survive to proof his innocence even though all proofs says he did it.

I'm impressed there is new anime worth watching, Rating 18+, contains violence and bloodshed, very gruesome not recommend for children.