Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Scam above Scam

I went for an interview for a job, first they said test, and some dude helped me get in, i go check the place every single one has wasta, you can tell from hand shaking employees and stuff, go aside phone call, and answering phone, i went on the test, it was pretty easy test, the dude incharge was making everyone cheat, my brother didn't pass, cause the questions weren't in his area, but for me it's easy, however i notice special treatment, those who passed get to another room, those who didn't leave, so, i went to another room, keep in mind, it was 6 month since i gave that person my C.V.

i sit, and hear the ones are hired, i didn't say this but i was oldest one, and secondly my brother, others were too young, so i sit and the guys who passed had no real education, just high school, and one of them hasn't even finish 12th grade, and i'm the only graduate there.

The interview was done by some children younger than me, i say children, but they might be 23-25 they are not near my level of education, nor job experience as me, wait, one was a bit older, but still younger than me, anyhow, after the whole process, NOW they tell me it's another company.

Wait, WHAT?! dude I apply for THAT company, not for another, i nod and smile and left, never wanting to ever come back, I'm 5 years away from turning 40, I don't want to work for some company take my whole salary and give me 25% of it, it's slavery.

if you are working for a company through another company, and your hard work get all the money suppose to be yours, and you are giving back 25%, it is slavery.

he goes on the dude helped me apply that he is doing this thing out of gratitude, I don't know you, and you don't know me, so lets not pretend you like me, i'm pretty sure he gets bonus of special treatment over providing employees, cause honestly my friend works for the company directly, and he graduated right after me, and heck he is my age as well.